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 Serving San Diego County Since 1986 that’s 27 years

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Over 70 engines in stock ready for pickup or shipping.

Engine repair or replacement

New, rebuilt, complete or repair
Machine work cranks, rods, cams and P&L’s

Carburetor kits

Single Empi two barrel carb. kit $295.00
Single Weber Progress kit $395.00
Dual Baby Webers kit $495.00
Single 40 IDF Weber kit $495.00
Single 44 IDF Weber kit $495.00
Dual 40 IDF Webers kit $895.00
Dual 44 IDF Webers kit $895.00

 Ignition kits

Pertronix electronic ignition for 009 $84.95
Pertronix electronic ignition for Vacuum advance $84.95
009 distributors from $79.95
Vacuum advance distributor from $129.95

Exhaust systems

Flared 2-tip $79.95 most popular
Monza 4-tip $79.95
Single quiet packs and systems
Dual quiet packs and systems
Tuck away quiet pack muffler
GT style exhaust system
Empi’s Chrome Tri-mil
Baja style w/muffler or stinger
Dual chrome racing exhaust system
Econo exhaust system

Rebuilt transmissions

IRS bug from $495.00
Swing axle bug from $595.00
IRS bus from $895.00

Complete Front Ends
Lowering Spring Kits

Lowered Spindles

From $179.95

Stock replacement rebuilt link pin combo kit

Disc Brake Kits starting at

1968 & later bug $225.00

We also carry a full line of Empi products.


 We have tune ups starting at $79.95

 Clutch jobs from $245.00

 Brakes starting at $179.95 per axle

Install New Brake shoes, New wheel cylinders, turn drums, adjust, bleed and pack wheel bearing when doing front brakes.

1915 69 x 94, 8.50:1 comp. ratio

$3495.00 exchange/$3795.00 outright
(exchange is for long block only)

Need a custom or complete engine?

Need a complete engine for your Manx, Buggy or trike?

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