T-1, 2 & 3 stock/mild

                                               All of our Rebuilt Engines Include a 12 Month/12,000 Mile Warranty!


To build a quality engine, you must start out with a good case. After disassembling the engine the case is washed, inspected, align bored main and cam, and case saved if needed.
Thoroughly clean again, then install original main and rod bearings on to a reground or polished crank with a German gear set.
Install an inspected set of rods, cam bearings and a good cam. Install a set of matched reground lifters. Use good German sump plates because they are a lot thicker and stronger than Brazilian.
Fit it with a new sump screen and gaskets. Install a surfaced machined pump and cover.


After all the head studs have been installed, check the deck height and c.c. both heads. Then setup a compression ratio that will run on regular gas 7.5:1.
Clean the new pistons and cylinders, of any Cosmoline and apply oil before assembly.
Install the pistons and cylinders, deflector tins, new pushrod tubes with red silicone seals and the heads before the sealant dries.
The heads have been thoroughly cleaned inspected for cracks and sunken seats. Then run through our Shot Peen machine for superior cleaning.
The valve seats are then cut and the exhaust valves are replaced with TRW valves.
The heads are fly-cut and matched to be identical. After the heads have been installed pressure check the heads on the engine to make sure there are no leaks.
Install German rockers and pushrods and adjust the valve lash, spray the rockers with a special lubricant so during start-up they do not run dry. Install valve covers and re-bend the bails so they will have the same strength as they did when they were new.
Install a good red German Elring flywheel seal and set end play and torque it using Loctite. Now we have the best starting point for the top end to be assembled.

1200cc 40hp w/rebuilt heads $995.00
1600cc single port w/rebuilt heads 795.00
1600cc dual port w/rebuilt heads 795.00
1640cc single port w/rebuilt heads 895.00
1640cc dual port w/rebuilt heads 895.00

1600cc dual port w/new heads 1195.00
1640cc dual port w/new heads 1295.00

1600 dp with new heads

Engines include all the needed gaskets and seals.

Larger sizes are available please call for pricing.

            Core charge is $450.00 for dual port or single port.

Engines are sold with a flywheel

   Installation from $595.00

 Need a shipping quote?

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