We ship engines all across the U.S. you need to have confidence in your product to ship outside of your neighborhood. We have been shipping engines for years. We go through an online shipping broker to give everyone the best price available.
When we ship the engine it will be on a pallet, we wrap it in visqueen strap the engine to the pallet using steel strapping. So the engine will not move anywhere during transportation. Then we build a box around the engine and strap it to the pallet so in transit it will have less chance of damage.
In the box you find a poly tubing bag with your receipt, warranty, a guide to help check your parts before assembly. Stickers, business cards, free shirt (if you can remind me) and all of the gaskets and seals needed to assemble the engine.
You can return the core on the pallet strap the engine down the best way you can. We have seen Bungee cords, Tie downs, wire and just sitting there with a box around it (not recommended). Reassemble the box with drywall screws, nails, staples or just get creative. It’s a good idea to drain the oil out and wrap the engine in visqueen or a trash bag so it doesn’t leak.
We like to include a free tank or tee shirt white or black with every order. The sizes we normally have are M, L, XL and XXL. If there is anything that I have forgot just call us. We will walk you through whatever you need help with for shipping, it’s real easy just 2 minutes. I am not too sure if anyone else that sells engines give free tech support while assembling their engine, we do. Just give us a call 888-KLINE-CA.


Engines are shipped on a pallet.
There is a $100 pallet packing charge.

Most orders leave the same day.
It takes 1-4 business days
and they will deliver it
to your front door.

Shipping cost in the U.S. 2015

3 4004 4005 400

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