To built a quality engine, you must start out with a good case.
After we disassemble the engine the case is washed, inspected, case saved if needed, align bore main and cam. Thoroughly clean
again, we install original main and rod bearings on to a reground or polished crank with a German gear set.

Then install an inspected set of rods, cam bearings and a good cam. Install a set of matched reground lifters. We use
good German sump plates because they are a lot thicker and stronger than Brazilian. Fit it with a new sump screen and
gaskets. We install a surfaced machined pump and cover.

After all the head studs have been installed, we check the deck height and c.c. both heads. Then setup a compression
ratio that will run on regular gas 7.5:1. We clean the new pistons and cylinders, of any cosmoline and apply oil before
assembly. While installing the P&L’s we use Teflon buttons instead of clips. (less chance of falling out or having the
wrist pins filling up with oil which will cause it to be an unbalanced engine) After applying silicone to the cylinders, install the deflector tins and heads before the sealant dries. With new anodized windage pushrod tubes (windage tubes are better because during hard cornering oil can slosh up the tubes and into the valve cover and make the oil light come on, oil starvation) and red silicone seals.

The heads have been thoroughly cleaned inspected for cracks and sunken seats. Then ran through our Shot Peen machine
for superior cleaning. The valve seats are then cut and the exhaust valves are replaced with TRW valves. The heads are fly-cut
and matched to be identical. After the heads have been installed we pressure check the heads on the engine to make sure
there is no leaks.

Install German rockers (with ball swivel feet, swivel feet eliminates valve stem end wear due to high-lift cams and heavy spring pressures.
Super strong and heat treated for strength and reliability internal oil passage lubricates ball & valve stem) and pushrods and adjust the valve lash, spray the rockers with a special lubricant so during start-up they do not run dry. Install valve covers and re-bend the bails so the will have the same strength as they did when they were new.

  Install a good red German Elring flywheel seal and set the end play and torque it using Loctite. Now we have the best starting point for the top end to be assembled.

When assembling a single carb. engine we start by installing the oil cooler adapter with the German doghouse oil cooler, cylinder tins, intake manifold with special 11mm nuts that have more clearance, with red silicone boots and special clamps that don’t cut into the boots as you tighten them.

Install the distributor with the o-ring and drop it in set it to number one, Coat the gaskets with aviation Permatex install fuel pump stand, rod and pump. Install Alternator stand with the oil baffle pointing down and to the left.

Install the fan shroud with the alternator, backing plate and fan assembly installed. When mounting the alternator to the stand we use a stainless steel strap that is far superior in strength than the stock strap.

All of the nuts used for the top end are nyloc lock nuts except for the intake manifold. We don’t want anything vibrating loose.

1 DONE weber 400 300

Installation starting at $595.00

All Engines are sold with a flywheel.

New flywheel add $29.95

New heads add $300.00

Big valve heads from $200.00

Pertronix electronic ignition $84.95

Different carb. sizes and configurations available call for pricing

 The core charge on these completes are $300.00

Need a Price on shipping.

Rebuilt 1776-1835 Dual Port w/Weber Progressive Exchange $3095.00
Rebuilt 1776-1835 Dual Port w/Weber Progressive Outright $3395.00

Rebuilt 1776-1835 Dual Port w/Baby Weber’s Exchange $3195.00
Rebuilt 1776-1835 Dual Port w/Baby Weber’s Outright $3495.00

Rebuilt 1915 Dual Port w/Weber Progressive Exchange $3195.00
Rebuilt 1915 Dual Port w/Weber Progressive Outright $3495.00

Rebuilt 1915 Dual Port w/Baby Weber’s Exchange $3295.00
Rebuilt 1915 Dual Port w/Baby Weber’s Outright $3595.00

Pressure plate, disc & t.o. bearing
Doghouse fan shroud
Doghouse German oil cooler
Doghouse oil cooler adapter
Doghouse fan
Doghouse front tin
Doghouse 2-piece tins
Fan hub assembly
3-piece backing plate
Cylinder covers
55-amp alternator
Alternator stand
Angled aluminum oil filler
Breather hose to carb. or round breather
Stainless steel alternator strap
Pulley tin
Chrome alt. pulley
Chrome pulley nut & spacer
2-shim kits
Fan belt
Stock size aluminum crank pulley
Chrome pulley bolt & washer
Rear tin
*Dual 34 ICT baby Weber’s* or
*32/36 Weber progressive carb., end castings,
red silicone boots & clamps*
Throttle tube
Oil sender
Chrome dipstick
Chrome single vacuum distributor
Chrome distributor clamp
Bosch blue coil
Bosch spark plugs
Bosch spark plug wires
Fuel pump
Fuel pump pedestal
Fuel pump rod
Fuel hose & filter
Heater tubing

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