Machine Work


THIS IS LABOR ONLY  For Type I, II, III, 40 hp – 1600

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20.00  Clean case (jet wash)
45.00  Clean case (jet wash & brush)
60.00  Case save standard case savers (studs removed)
80.00  Case save Time serts 10mm (studs removed)
80.00  Remove 8mm case savers and install 10mm Time serts (studs removed)
20.00  Remove head studs
60.00  Align bore and cam bore
20.00  Thrust cut (case)
10.00  Thrust cut (bearing)
60.00  Cut for cam bearings
60.00  Open for larger cylinders
35.00  Deck
30.00  Full Flow just case
50.00  Full Flow case and plug the pump
30.00  Sand seal (assembled engine)
45.00  Bolt-on sand seal (assembled engine)
20.00  Repair 1 pin hole for bearing
40.00  Drill for dipstick
125.00  Open case for stroker


100.00  Rebuild (including surface) (one head)
50.00  Cut for dual springs (pair)
20.00  Replace broken valve boss
50.00  Open larger cylinders (pair)
30.00  Surface and match (pair)
40.00  Surface heads step cut
60.00  Hemi cut (pair)
20.00  Spark plug insert (standard)
25.00  Spark plug insert (large)



35.00  Drill for 8-pin 8mm for SPG pattern (pins included)
15.00  Drill flywheel for 8-pin 8mm SPG pattern (pins included)
40.00  Drill for 8-pin or 11/32 SPG pattern
20.00  Drill flywheel for 8-pin or 11/32 SPG pattern
40.00  Machine 6-volt crank for 12-volt
10.00  Remove gears
20.00  R&R gears


150.00  Balance complete set
60.00  Resurface flywheel
20.00  Repair broken case stud
20.00  Repair engine-mounting stud
20.00  Repair exhaust stud
10.00  Repair broken bolt flywheel
10.00  Repair broken sump stud
20.00  Jet wash miscellaneous parts before machine work
10.00  Shot peen head/heads (must be clean & oil free)
10.00  CC heads (each)
40.00  Check deck height, cc heads setup compression ratio
45.00  Clearance cam for stroker
45.00  Drill cam for bolt on gear
45.00  Clearance pistons for stroker



12.95 Flywheel seal & O-ring
1.00 Flywheel 8mm pins
2.00 Flywheel 11/32 pins
5.00 Brass fittings for Full Flow
50.00 Pump alum. stock plugged for Full Flow
50.00 Pump cast iron plugged for Full Flow
24.95 Oil pump cover alum. Full Flow
24.95 Oil pump cover steel Full Flow
**        Stainless steel big valves
10.00 Nylon nuts for short block
15.00 Set of cylinder shims
30.00 Set of copper head shims
89.95 New standard flywheel 4-pin
150.00 New chromoly lightened flywheel 8-pin
80.00  Reground stock crank exchange
130.00 Reground stock crank outright
60.00 Reground cam exchange
80.00 Reground cam outright
90.00 New cam
15.00 Reground lifters exchange (stock)
25.00 Reground lifters outright (stock)
60.00 New lifters (stock)
15.00 Reground lifters exchange wide base
40.00 Reground lifters outright wide base
50.00 New wide base lifters
10.00 Sand seal

Prices subject to change without notice.

** Call for pricing (619) 443-9076.


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